joy, connection, love

Your sweet babe is finally here and you're bloody excited to share them with the world.
Their tiny fingers wrapping aorund yours, the smell of their hair - all the moments that pass you by in the whirlwind of nappy changes and nightime feeds mixed with those blissful moments of not beliving you created this tiny bundle of your heart. 
Your session will be relaxed, filled with love and all your fav things while we bask in the awe of the tiny human you made. 
You'll just be while I capture all the little things and the moments that will pull you back when you realise they were gone so quickly.




the details

1. You send an enquiry and we'll find a date  for your session that suits you.

2. We'll catch up at your place or at a super awesome outdoor location for about an hour. We'll chat before hand to find the vibe you're keen for.

3. You'll have all the fun and laughs while you're loving on each other and your little babe. I'll capture all those sweet sweet moments.

4. You'll get a rocking online gallery to check out all your images and download them straight to your Mac or PC to share with the world.

1 hr session | Online gallery | 10 images for digital download in Hi res and web size | $550

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